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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Left is the beloved European commentator--and my inspiration as a writer--Erik Ritter von Kuenhelt Leddihn, whom I was privileged to meet before his untimely death. Slightly to the right there's me--in 1999.

Here is an image of the Last Emperor, the good and holy Karl I. "Gott erhalte Karl den Kaiser, unsern guten Kaiser Karl...!"
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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Welcome to J.P. Zmirak's Web Log. I see it mainly as a spot where I can archive pieces which I have already written and published elsewhere--you know, for money. I rather agree with Sam Johnson, who said that anyone who wrote for any other reason was a blog-head. Come on, people, I have a dog to feed...

Also, some ongoing commentary on the culture, with links. Ciao, amici,

J.P. Zmirak

Reflections by Category:

Empire Building and Other War Games

A Voice from Outside the Bunker
Why the Left/Right spectrum has ceased to mean anything, and what should replace it.
New York to Build 'Dark Tower of Barad-dur' on WTC Site
The U.S. harnesses Nazgul as anti-terror weapons.
A Hawk’s Cry for Peace
Why true friends of Israel should oppose the settlers and Likud.
Why We Fight
The true origins of Western freedom.
Into Temptation
Documentation of war crimes committed in Gulf War I.
Annexing Iraq, By Jingo
The prudential case for staying out of Iraq.

The Catholic Church in Auto-Destruct Mode

Screwtape Goes to World Youth Day
When a Catholic traditionalist goes to World Youth Day, his reflections are worthy of C.S. Lewis' devil.
God Save Us From Democracy
Why democratic governance would destroy the Catholic Church.
Should Catholic Evangelization Target Jews? A Symposium
If we don't, then we really ARE anti-semites.
America’s Bishops: No Jews Invited
Is there a new "two-track" system of salvation?
And Judas Went and Hanged Himself
Rembert Weakland's gay legacy in the sanctuary.
Garry Wills’ Pedophilia Problem
A professional ex-Catholic willfully misleads, again.
The New York Times Gloats Over Pope’s Illness, Awaits His Death
Bill Keller of the Times dances prematurely on John Paul's grave.
Who Priests Think They Are
What's so special--even uncanny--about the priesthood.
Priestly Sex Abuse Has Many Victims
They include every good priest who'll now have to shun children.
The Enemy Within Us
The corruption of the sexual instinct runs deep.

Pop Culture: A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Gods And Generals
A truly patriotic film for 2003. Go see it before the censors shut it down.
The Cruelest War
Gods & Generals, a truthful history of the Civil War.
Tolkien, Hitler, and Nordic Heroism
The Lord of the Rings is a tribute to the Teutonic roots of liberty--and a refutation of Nazi ideology.

The Afterbirth of a Nation (Race, Immigration, and the Clash of Civilizations)

Christ, The "Other," & Counterfeit Citizenship
A Catholic Case for Border Control
Good Fences and Free Markets
A famous free-market libertarian on the need for stable borders.
Open Borders and Dead Souls
Why religious-minded immigrants won't save the U.S. from paganism.
America the Abstraction
A Cool-Headed Critique of Cold-War Conservatism (Neoconservatism and other varieties).
Lies, Damned Lies, and Anti-Semitism
Wherein Christopher Hitchens awakens from an opiate haze to call me an anti-Semite, and I respond.
Victims of Islamic "Tolerance"
Worldwide, Islamists target Christians, Jews, and others in their midst.
Pat Buchanan Warns of The Death of the West
Unless we repopulate the West, it will soon look like the Middle East.

A Sniper in the Ivory Tower (Eclectic Shots at Scurrying Targets)

To Serve Man: A Cookbook
Why animal rights leads to cannibalism.
Rebuild N.Y.’s Penn Station—On the WTC Site
Why insult the skyline (and mock the dead) with another post-Bauhaus megalith?
Confessions of a Green Conservative
Disregard of the environment is an ugly modern heresy.
Enjoying a Leftist Lunch
Why Japanese food is leftist, and French food of the Right.
Tenderness Leads to the Gas Chamber
How the death penalty affirms the sanctity of life.

Our Future is the Past: Historical Ruminations (Burp!)

The Home of the Free: Switzerland
The model of democracy (in the positive sense) stands in the Alps.
Erasing the Deutschmark
Remembering the currency that helped save Europe.
All Socialism Is National
The Hitler-Stalin pact was a family affair
Revolting France
Why I'm STILL pissed off over the French Revolution.
Say It Loud—Bourgeois and Proud!
In defense of middle-class prejudices.

Behind the Irish Curtain: Who is this Guy and Where's His Therapist?

Up from Ritalin
Thank God I wasn't home-schooled. Not that there's anything wrong with it....
Give Your Kids the Gift of Poverty
Invest their college fund in Bingo cards and bourbon.
St. Michael's Institute for the Psychological Sciences
Okay, HERE'S my therapist....

Worthy Web Logs, Sites and Why:

Richard Poe's Blog
Fearless, eclectic, and always scathingly honest reflections from a libertarian patriot.
Steven Sailor
One brave writer's reflections on science, nature, and ideology.
Peter Brimelow's gallant, Quixotic attempt to rally the West.
The only interesting rock band alive. It also claims to be a global, transnational, purely voluntary State.

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